Dear Phantom Friends,

The album, the collaboration, the arts and crafts project that is Rabbits on the Run, is a vault of melodies, philosophies, and questions that will forever preserve the past three and a half years of my life. A chunk of time that has reshaped who I am and has humbled me. The process of making the record was restorative and prickly and shook me out of a ten year slumber. It was also magical. I made this record with a group of artists that I never thought I'd get to work with. On the eve of this release, as I type in to black buttons, and stare at a glowing screen in my hotel room, I feel grateful that I'm able to create music and send it out into the world like some sort of ship on the sea. It is how I connect. It is how I stay alive. I realize now that this record isn't mine anymore, it belongs to the hearts and brains of those that connect with it. And I humbly hand it over. I hope that it brings you to life in the way that it brought me to life.



'Rabbits on the Run' Deluxe Edition/LP is available now on iTunes by clicking here. The Deluxe LP includes 3 live acoustic bonus tracks, “Carousel” official video, “The Four Elements of Rabbits on the Run” video and “Behind the Scenes of “Carousel” video”.