I haven't written a proper note in a while.  After my last orchestra gig in October, by the sea, in North Carolina, (the night of the hurricane), I've mostly been laying low. Traveling...but not for work: Chicago, Providence, Phoenix, Bath.  All the while I have been writing a new record, slowly weaving this project together.  I spent three weeks at Real World Studios last month and I've figured out the sonic palette for said album with Mr Steve Osborne.  This will be another roots-deep collaboration and aesthetically in the vein of Rabbits but heading into the thicket, a new place, so we gettin a bit crafty. Hear the Bells may have to be given credit for the door opener to the sounds on this one. 

I've also been so happy playing with my talented friends from other bands. Wonderful musicians who make me see things differently and have helped me distill some of my own ideas even. I need to send these people chocolates and gold to further express my gratitude. 

Now I'm back in NYC, at my desk, just in from Pennsylvania, where Victor blissfully slid around on a frozen lake chasing balls (he's a dog not a man). I've got half an album to complete and tons of canvas to dye indigo. I've also been knee deep into sleeping like a teenage boy, the Grace Coddington memoir, Tracy Anderson, beer and neon signs. 

Keep it classy.